Ocean Photography

Rammohan Paranjape is an ardent surfer and an ocean enthusiast who's been into surf and ocean photography for over a decade documenting the surf scene in India. His vast travels across the sub-continent of India capturing the essence and beauty of India's long coastline is unparalleled to anyone in India.

He draws his inspiration from many of the well-known names in the field of surf & ocean photography such as Zak Noyle, Chris Burkard, Morgan Massen, Ray Collins, Sean Scott, Lloyd Meudell and Russell Ord.

His knowledge of the ocean, his ability to push himself to the extreme, his eye for nature’s beauty and his extensive travels - All have resulted in an amazing collection of surf and ocean themed images and stories. He believes he still has a long way to go but dedicates his time and passion fine-tuning his skills to create stunning images.