Another surfy summer went by at Mantra Surf Club in Mulki, I have to say the flow was quite relaxed and fun this year, unlike last year where I did a lot of traveling and running around. After wrapping up my photo exhibition in Chennai, I quietly settled down in Mulki amidst a busy summer season at Mantra.

This summer we got some good surf, made plans for the growth of surfing in India, tried to resolve a few issues and achieving a certain fitness level on the personal level was one of my other goals as well, Did I achieve it, that's a different story 🙂

Also, there were other exciting collaborations such as with Sakkath Studio where a short documentary on me was made and released on my journey as India's first and only surf photographer. Later, there was another story being made on us by CNN International which is scheduled to come out later this month.

Otherwise, we had planned a small surfing event called Monsoon Surf Challenge in the first week of June which didn't come through due to disastrous rains in Mangalore a couple of days before the start, one of the few bummers of this summer.

Let me know how your summer went by in the comments below!

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