The Big Day!March 23, 2018
The big day is here.

It's been a long dream of mine to showcase my surf photography, stories from my exploration and adventures across the sub-continent. After a decade, I am finally able to bring everything unto you in my first solo photo exhibition in Chennai this March 23 - 24th. Come say hi and hear my stories!! A huge thanks to ever supporting TT Group and print partner Pixylz.

Upcoming Projects

This coming March I will be conducting my first solo exhibition showcasing some of my best surf & ocean photography in Chennai. This endeavor is being supported by some close friends and associates who have followed my work for a long time. More details coming soon...

It's been a long dream of me to make a surf movie keeping India in focus, to showcase a part of India which hasn't been seen or explored. This is a very ambitious project of mine and may take 2-3 years to complete, I am collaborating with one of the best travel adventure production houses. More details will be shared in the coming month...

Exploring Karnataka's pristine coastline is something I have been doing for a long time and intend to continue this year as well around pre-monsoon time in search of new surf spots, virgin beaches, and new adventures.

We are taking a break from Indian Open of Surfing this year due to elections in Karnataka but are creating a specialty event called "Monsoon Challenge" focusing big wave surfing in India for the first time. Top 24 surfers from around the country will be participating in this week-long competition testing the best surfers to their limits.

In the month of July, We intend to organize a surf contest along the coast of Tamil Nadu within a span of a week at three major stops Pondicherry, Mahabs, and Covelong Point. Once again this is going to be very different surfing event compared to what we have done all these years.