Bali has been on my radar for a long time and I had missed my earlier trips due to important work coming in the way but fortunately after a hectic first half of 2016 and a massive Indian Open of Surfing festival, it was time to unwind and go on a much-needed vacation or say surf trip with Mantra Surf Family.

It was about 12 of us from Mantra Surf Club under the patronage of Surfing Swami, the surf trip was carefully planned months in advance. We had chosen Canggu as our base where we had rented a big villa, Canggu is known for its mellow crowd with the less partying scene.

Over the course of 15 days of our stay in Bali, we had quite a few amazing surf sessions mixed with few other activities like dirt biking, hiking, shopping and a few cultural trips on the island. The highlight was surfing mostly as we surfed almost every day at Old Mans, Canggu but also made a few surf trips to other well-known surf spots depending on the swell i.e Uluwatu, Impossibles, Keramas. 

The boys were super stoked to surf the different variety of waves on offer, from mellow longboarding waves to some serious heavy waves at Uluwatu and Keramas. When it got too heavy I was happy taking photos of all the action of course.

Bali isn't just a surfing paradise but has a lot more than just surfing with its culture, natural beauty, and Balinese lifestyle which makes it one of the must-visit places on the planet easily. It's definitely on my list of places where I will be going back to! 

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