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Floating in splendid isolation, to the east of the Indian sub-continent, is the archipelago of around 239 islands called the Andaman Islands. Considered to be one of the most intriguing places on the planet, the Andamans has a number of indigenous tribes and an endless variety of exotic flora and fauna. The island also consists of a rare avifauna, underwater marine life, and corals. With crystal clear waters and evergreen mangrove forests, the Andamans offers a mesmerizing view of nature at it’s best.

Before independence, it was one of the most dreaded places for freedom fighters, revolutionaries, and political prisoners. It also saw Japanese occupation during the second world war. Now over the years, the Andamans has been one of the premier destinations in India, offering a variety of adventures and water sports.

On our side, a year had gone by without any action. I and my friends starved for a big adventure. We really wanted to go somewhere offbeat. Certainly, the Andamans was the pick of choice. We are certainly not conventional tourists to visit a tourist-filled destination and have a comfortable stay with little paid adventure. What we wanted to be camping, explorations, surfing, diving, trekking, and almost anything nomadic.

After quickly grouping and making plans, we took off for Port Blair, Andamans. In a couple of days, we were sailing to the Little Andamans – 8 hours sail south of Port Blair. An Island with a blend of both indigenous people and settlers, the Little Andamans didn’t have any hotels, or restaurants, or local transport, or even a phone network. There was absolutely no tourist infrastructure. Perfect !!

We camped nearly 25 miles away from the nearest village at a place called Butlers Bay. It had one of the finest surf breaks in the world with no crowd at all. We spent the next few days surfing those world-class perfect left-handers from morning till evening.

On days when the surf went flat, there were plenty of other things to enjoy – Plunging into the deep sea from 30-40 ft cliffs, snorkeling, free deep-diving into the sea to view beautiful coral formations and lots of strange aquatic life. All of this untouched and unfazed by the tourist world. Exploring the underwater caves beneath the sea was another highlight of our adventures. The sudden gush of water and the strange creatures swimming around us inside those deep and dark caves gave us goosebumps. By the end of our trip to this awesome destination, we felt rejuvenated and completely recharged.

Now, whenever I see Alive is Awesome Cinthol Videos, it immediately reminds me of our adventures at the Andaman Islands that are deeply etched in our minds.

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