Kiteboarding as taken India by storm. It’s an exhilarating extreme water sport combining many other forms like wakeboarding, windsurfing, paragliding, and gymnastics into one extreme sport. A kitesurfer uses his different sized kites accordingly to harness the power of wind on a small surfboard to be propelled across the water at mind-blowing speeds depending on the wind conditions. Can you visualize jumping 30 feet straight off of flat water with no ramp or kicker? Ski or Snowboard ? and then pulling off all wakeboarding moves with one large kite and no boat.

Kiteboarding is easily one of the most enthralling and challenging sport for an extreme sports seeker and easily the most captivating sport for an audience to watch. Now that kiteboarding as coming to Indian shores, it has become a new addition to the growing interest among young Indians to try their hands in this extreme sport.

The person who is largely responsible for bringing this extreme sport to the country and who is a master kiteboarder himself is Mr. Jehan Driver, he has extensive knowledge about the sport and he is the first IKA certified instructor in the country and a very good friend of mine.

If you come across Mr. Jehan, He is not a kind of a person who is tough built, standing tall, or carrying machoism around him, nonetheless, he is no less than any other tough nut out there. Jehan holds the distinction of being the world’s first graduate of Adventure Tourism Management from Queenstown College, New Zealand. He has successfully led 400 odd expeditions in his 13-year short career, he is well experienced in various aqua-terra adventures i.e Scuba Diving, Paragliding, Alpine Climbing, Kiteboarding, etc..
In his own words, Challenge is an opportunity to be grabbed with both hands, you should never think too much other than just applying your common sense and try having as much fun as you can. In that way, you can always Relish the Challenge and achieve success in whatever you do.
It’s a simple mantra but very fruitful.

Another point, I would like to mention is that I have been around the adventure scene for some time now and what I am witnessing in the recent times is that there is a huge wave of interest among the younger generation to be outdoors, challenging themselves, pushing the limits and just having maximum fun, this is definitely a good sign and when brands like Cinthol get behind the new raging trend among the younger generation, it just makes it even more fantastic.

Cinthol – Relish the Challenge

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