As a customary blog post, I have put together my annual "Best of Surfing and Ocean Images of 2018"

Honestly, I didn't travel or shoot much this year due to other commitments and projects which kept me busy throughout the year. Yet, I had that constant urge to go out and create something out of nothing scenarios and most of these images are from that.

As photographers, artists or content creators, it's not that we always wake up in amazing destinations or in ideal situations where we get to shoot what we want or how we want to. But rather, it is the creativity in us that makes the best out of the situation we are in to create good content for our audience.

But I have to say, this year has been a landmark year in terms of tech and gadgets. I have had the opportunity to try out some amazing gadgets and upgrade my gear.

1) The new GoPro Hero 7 is a stunner - Hands down the best GoPro ever!

With gimbal-like stabilization without gimbal, Time Warp video (stabilized hyper-lapse video), Super Photo - GP1 chip in the Hero 7 intelligently applies HDR, local tone mapping or noise reduction to optimize your shots, Rugged & Waterproof, Voice Control, Live Streaming and shoots 4K at 60 fps and 12 MP photos.

I am very excited about using it a lot in 2019

2) Google Pixel 3 XL which keeps blowing my mind every time I click a picture with it.

Just a fantastic smartphone with a great display, pure android experience without any bloats or hitches, smooth and user-friendly with Google AI and last but not least, the amazing camera which obviously makes Pixel 3 stand out from the rest of the flagships. Sometimes I feel like ditching all my heavier DSLRs just to shoot with my beloved Pixel 3 XL.

Check out my last post about Pixel 3 XL and the pictures I have shot with it. 

3) I have also upgraded to a new water housing with the Salted Line's new Sony AXXX series for my A6500 after many years. 

One of the most affordable water housings for Sony cameras with complete control over all buttons and features of the camera. Sea Frogs have definitely improved and built a sturdy housing from the previous ones. Comes with pistol grip, dome, and other accessories. Can't wait to use it on some of my big surf trips this year.

4) GoPro Fusion - Never miss anything!

If you thought GoPro cameras offered far and wide-angle shots, with the new Fusion, GoPro offers 360-degree capture wherever you point the thing without missing the action! Basically, you never have to worry about composing. You will need Gopro Fusion Studio and OverCapture on your GoPro App to play around with it but it's well worth it.

Also, it's going to be fun playing around with some new f-stop bags and possibly a new DJI drone in 2019.

I hope this year will turn out to be a great year in terms of photography and surf travel. I have planned a number of different travels, shoots, and concepts for 2019, can't wait for the new year to unfold.

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