I think surfers are the most chilled athletes and the most blessed of all other athletes in one sense. Apart from surfing epic waves around the world comes traveling, experiencing different cultures, people, exotic food, and an opportunity to blend into local customs and traditions. What more can you ask for? Yet, all this comes at a cost where a surfer must be willing to leave his abode or comfort zone and travel many miles into an unknown land, people, culture, and almost into a new horizon of bewilderment. Not just that, there are always unanticipated hurdles and hardships in pursuit of waves outside one’s own home break. But where’s the fun? If everything is too perfect with no uncertainty and without any excitement of triumphing adversities. I prefer, “Gritty Surfers” for those who have a true appreciation and undaunted spirit for surfing even in adverse conditions. For they who spread the most positive vibes in the Newlands.


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