India is the newfound surf destination on the international map. Surfers, filmmakers, magazines are smitten by what India has got to offer, everyone want’s a slice of India’s best-kept secret, surf spots.

Apart from world-class waves, what everyone cribs about India are its amazing food, culture, and the hospitality of people. You don’t get all these together anywhere else, there’s gotta be only a few places on the planet, and India happens to be one amongst them. This year was no different with spirited free surfers from Goldcoast, Australia, who descended upon Indian shores to surf the world’s best waves with the maximum crowd of less than half a dozen.

Now, every surf destination or a surf break, as it’s own unique characteristics, similarly Rasta’s & Satya’s too are very distinct and stand out with their own set of features, the best period of surf is from May to September. There’s always constant south, south-east swell, with all-day offshore winds and no crowds except few locals watching with a lot of curiosity, including burqa-clad women. Coming back, the surf itself is just pretty amazing, getting barrelled here is; same as discovering your inner self spiritually, Maybe because you are getting barrelled in India. Given, how to surf forecast can be tricky and heartbreaking at times, yet no one ever has gone back from here disappointed, because you are bound to get one of those epic sessions of your life, in this part of the world.

Nevertheless, getting here ain’t easy, it’s not like flying into Bali, Hawaii, and start surfing the next morning. It takes its own time, endeavor, permits, tickets, etc… to secure, that’s where we [India Surf Tours] come in. We cover and do all that to make sure that you have a memorable surf trip.

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