Cinthol – Alive is Awesome

Sometimes we live the adventure, we play adventure and we smell adventure. Monsoon is the name of the game. Monsoons are the lifeline of India. Almost the entire economy and prosperity of the nation depend on it. You don’t have to go too far seeking adventures in exotic places. If you look carefully, you may find exciting escapades existing right in your backyard. One such memorable experience which I look forward to every year is monsoons.

Along with the colors and spices of India, the smell of monsoon evokes a sense of unity, prosperity, and bliss among people of India, and anyone who has witnessed monsoon, it leaves an everlasting impression and joviality. I have always been a countryside lover, never an admirer of the cities. I practically live a stone’s throw away from River Cauvery – one of the major rivers of South India. Since the South Indian rivers thrive during monsoons, It is one of the best times of the year to go swimming, diving, and do some daredevilry in the flooding waters of Cauvery.

As usual, it was me and my folks who took the opportunity of accomplishing various feats at this time of the year. Swimming the torrents, jumping from the banks of the river, and treetop jumping are some thrilling activities to enjoy with a curious crowd cheering us from beneath. And, last but not the least – to bring the highway traffic to a grinding halt, after repeated plunges into the gushing waters of the river from a 40 ft towering state highway bridge.

Yeah!! The adrenaline rush was something never experienced before. Getting submerged in the rain waters of the Western Ghats flowing down the river was quite refreshing to the body and soul. The bewildered faces of local people watching us helplessly every time we nosedived and disappeared will always be remembered and joked upon among ourselves. The entire feel was Awesome and Alive.

In the end, a quote by Andre Gide (French Nobel Laureate) sums it all up, “It is only in adventure that some people succeed in knowing themselves – in finding themselves.” I Feel Alive is Awesome is just too awesome philosophy. It’s all about people’s unique adventures and thrilling experiences which makes them feel alive and awesome at the same time.

Note: One thing to always keep in mind is, no matter how much you are good at swimming, it is never fun to try anything by yourself alone. Always, be accompanied by someone of the same caliber.

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