Surfing in India is at its infancy stage but with great prospects of being one of the main adventure and extreme sports in India. At the moment there are only a few handfuls of surfers spread along the coast of India. Among them, are the pioneers of surfing in India from Mantra Club who are big wave riders and the most experienced of the lot.

Every year, just before the monsoons hit the southern part of India, there is a huge pre-monsoon swell which produces 6-15 ft waves at certain spots and Mantra surf club members are joined by many other surfers from across other regions to surf the swell of the year.

This time it was no different with surfers enthusiastically assembling at the big wave spot, Mangalore Jetty with the intention of riding the swell of the year. The swell had its highs and lows, certain days were really makable and surfers scored the best waves of the year, and on other days, mother nature was too rough and was against the spirit of surfers. But then nothing is daunting to a true surfer and they are still in the process of chasing waves before the onslaught of Monsoons!



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