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About 6 months ago, When someone from Google called me to say that they want to send me their flagship device Pixel 2 XL, I was pretty taken back. You see what I do doesn't really appeal to many nor do I have such wider audience as others but definitely my work is a bit unique as it's mostly around surfing and adventure. So, I was pretty stoked to be on the elite list of people who Google had chosen to be part of #Teampixel.

A few months of using Pixel 2, I had become a fan of Pixel devices already. Obviously, as a photographer the camera was the number one thing which stood out for me and I thoroughly enjoyed taking photos with the Pixel XL 2. The picture clarity, low-light capabilities and portrait mode were just outstanding as compared to any other smartphones out there.

Just as I was getting used to Pixel XL 2, Google announced Pixel 3 series with even more amazing features and put in another stellar camera in Pixel 3 devices blowing it's nearest competitors. I just wanted one!!!

Google India were kind enough to send me a Pixel XL 3 right after the launch of Pixel 3 series in India. Ever Since then, I have become even more of a fanboy of Pixel devices. Some of it's new features like wide angle selfies, night sight, zoom in features are just fantastic for a smartphone camera. I feel I am yet to really justify the camera prowess as I haven't really had a chance to travel or do the things I want to this year, but I promise that there will be some stunning content coming through this device in future.

Google Pixel 3 - In the Hands of a Surf Photographer, So excited for what future holds...

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