Posting this a bit late on my site, but nevertheless still stoked to share the news of me winning Cinthol’s – Alive is Awesome blogging campaign. Sometime back in September, I had received a call from CreativeLand Asia (one of the biggest ad agencies in the country) to be part of what they called Alive is an Awesome blogging campaign conducted by Cinthol. At that time,I was just about to go on a surf trip to Lakshadweep Islands and hence had to tell them to wait until I get back. A few weeks later, I was contacted again and was again asked to be part of the blogging campaign by sharing many of my adventures through my writing and photos. I was on board !!

Now Cinthol is a brand owned by Godrej, one of the most respected and oldest corporate companies in India which were founded in 1897. They were relaunching their brand Cinthol, which is a line of bathing soaps, deodorants, and shower gels. For a long time, Cinthol’s products were known for its freshness and a sense of adventurism, but in today’s competitive and demanding world, it is very important for a brand to keep changing its image and to strike a chord with the younger generation from time to time. Hence, Alive is Awesome TV Ads, blogging campaigns, best bathing videos, social media were widely used to promote the new image of adventure bathing and fun. Probably, that was the reason I was contacted to be part of the campaign, to share my various adventures keeping Alive is Awesome spirit and water as a common element in all my writings and multimedia.

Over the next 4 weeks, I shared many of my amazing adventures from Lakshadweep, Andamans, Mexico to my own backyard Kaveri river. In fact, I myself was surprised that I had so much content to share and never realized how amazing it’s been over the years for me to be able to travel and do things, which many not dare to do.

The weekly perks too were motivated to keep going until the end. All the way through the campaign, I knew I would come close to winning but still, I never gave myself a chance but always thought there would be someone else who would outdo me. However, I was proven very wrong at the end of the campaign, when I was picked as the sole winner amongst 47+ bloggers. Now, as I finish compiling this post, I have a flight to catch to Andamans which was the ultimate prize for the contest winner, who will be part of an adventure trip with a film crew shooting. Adios!

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