Traveling with Pixel 3 XL

We all know how smartphones have become the go to cameras for most consumers and photography enthusiasts in the recent years. Even many professional photographers seem to swear by the quality of smartphone cameras and ease of using them at many occasions.

I myself have leaned towards smaller cameras and less equipment in recent times, I only take out bigger cameras, lenses if I am shooting an assignment or specific shoots where they are required or else I am happy to use my GoPros and smartphones without any additional weight.

As part of Google’s Teampixel in India, I am honoured to use their Pixel smartphones which are arguably the best camera phones out there. On my recent trip to Australia, I extensively used Pixel 3 XL on many occasions from road trips, beaches, urban scapes, low light situations to wide selfies and each time Pixel 3 XL delivered the goods.

The ease of smartphone photography, the power of editing and sharing great content right from your device is undeniably been the single most technological advancement for content creators in the last few years in my opinion.

Can’t wait to see what the future holds for smartphone photography, especially Google’s Pixel phones. Check out my earlier post – Google Pixel 3 XL – In the Hands of a Surf Photographer


Colourful Federation Square Melbourne
Federation Square is the venue for arts, culture, music and many public events located in Melbourne Central Business District. Always looking colourful with various events, displays and crowd of people.


Symmetry at Melbourne Metro Station
I don’t shoot much urban scapes or seek symmetries in my photography but it’s certainly fun to capture and develop an eye for details, light and patterns.


Gorgeous Sunsets at Melbourne CBD
Since the day, I arrived in Melbourne I witnessed some epic sunsets almost every single day from various parts of the city. This is right from central business district of Melbourne.


Sweet Moment at St.Kilda Beach
A picture perfect moment captured with the amazing Pixel 3 XL, this was only possible with the Pixel’s capability of shooting bursts even in low light condition with seagulls being in action. Everything just came out as perfect as it can, my faith in smartphone photography was further enhanced.


Stunning Evening at St.Kilda Marina
A beautiful evening setting at Saint Kilda Marina. The walk to the marina is very picturesque on the old wooden pier with many great views of the bay, city’s skyline and the marina.


View from the Hotel Room at Sofitel
I was on floor no 47 at Sofitel, Collins Street where I had the magnificent view of the famed sporting arenas and the entire city of Melbourne. My favourite pick was of Melbourne Cricket Ground majestic view.


12 Apostles on The Great Ocean Road
We majorly lucked out on being able to make it to 12 Apostles in a single day that too starting late from the city. We drove about 450 kms odd that day on The Great Ocean Road and witnessing the incredible 12 Apostles was definitely the highlight of the day.


Selfie with Foreign Minister, Marise Payne
Alright, apart from the all the fun and travel, the real purpose of my visit to Australia was for the Australia – India Youth Dialogue as part of Indian delegation. We had an intense 5 days of bilateral program of strengthening relations between India and Australia. Here is a wide angle group selfie picture taken with my Pixel 3 XL.


Stunning View of Sydney Harbour Bridge
Stunning view of Sydney Harbour from the Opera house. I once again lucked out in getting VIP box tickets for an opera show with friends at the Sydney Opera and of course the view was magnificent.


Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House with Pixel 3 XL Night sight
A private cruise tour of Sydney Harbour with the AIYD delegates. A memorable evening spent forging new relationships and friends for life. The Night Sight on Pixel 3 XL keeps blowing my mind.


Sydney Harbour View
The weather wasn’t exactly great but still the view of the harbour and Sydney’s skyline made it up for a perfect shot.


Sydney Skyline View
A rainbow casts over Sydney’s skyline, shot from National Maritime Museum.


Ever Crowded Bondi Beach
Spent some quality time at Bondi Beach with a good mate. The weather gods were kind enough during my last few days in Sydney.


Beautiful Adelaide Oval
The stunning Adelaide Oval park, one of the most beautiful stadiums I have been to. If I loved the rich culture and history of MCG, I fell in love with the sheer beauty of Adelaide Oval ground.


Sheffield Game in Progress at Adelaide Oval
I even caught a game of cricket between Tasmania Tigers and Southern Redbacks at Adelaide Oval.






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