I happened to be in Puri, Odisha to attend India’s first surf festival and my responsibilities were around the festival documenting and promoting India’s surf scene. But then just about 6 km away was the beautiful Sun Temple of Konark, a familiar name which I had heard since from my early schooldays. According to a recent poll, it’s one of the seven wonders of India and it’s declared as a world heritage site by UNESCO.

I took the opportunity of sneaking out a couple of times to photograph this spectacular piece of architecture. Although my first attempt was very unsuccessful with the fading light, my second attempt was a fantastic experience early in the morning with fewer crowds and perfect light conditions. I was truly blown away by the magnitude and majesty of the temple which is partly in ruins because of foreign invaders. The temple complex has some wonderful architecture and carvings which surpasses almost any other ancient temples of India. It’s also associated with some wonderful tales and legendary stories which further gives anyone a long-lasting impression of the place and its history.

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