Every day is a busy day, all months are hectic and just when I was feeling the heat of September workload, I get an e-mail from my buddy from Mexico who wants me to go check out some island.

I am like %^#*)! Are you serious ?? On one hand, I am like wow !! Islands, turquoise waters, a new destination.

On the other side, tons of tasks to leave behind. But hey !! TAKE IT WHEN IT COMES. This trip was a short one and didn't require too much planning or a big endeavor. Hence, within a few days of booking and making plans, we took off to these beautiful islands. We were here to gather a certain piece of info for a business venture in the future, besides that the time I spent here was truly relaxing and greatly beneficial to unwind myself. By now, you may be wondering what the hell am I talking about or where had I been to? Here is the problem, I cannot disclose the name, the details or any such vital info of these islands as of now and can only share the beauty of the islands with some photos. It all has to do with retaining a secret. And I promise the future will reveal a lot!

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