I have shared a number of my challenges, adventures, and inspirations with Cinthol’s blogging campaign right from the beginning of “Alive is Awesome” to “Relish the Challenge” campaigns.

Being an adventurous person who loves traveling, photography, extreme sports, and being outdoors constantly, one of my everyday challenges is to keep myself fit both physically & mentally. It is very important for me to do so to continue and succeed in all my endeavors. Hence, I will take this opportunity to share how I go about my everyday routine and how it can be challenging at times.

So my everyday challenge is to follow a 5 point regime which I have set for myself and which I try to follow religiously to keep myself fit both physically & mentally and ready to take on new challenges.

1) Meditation – It is important to start my day with meditation to keep my mind fresh and with positive energy. I feel it helps me balance out my stress and negative energy and sets up my day beautifully.

2) Yoga – I am not a Yoga freak and I certainly don’t do crazy twists or turns but some basic sun salutations and few Yoga postures help me to stretch my muscles and stay fit for the day.

3) Good Diet – A good diet is an essential part of any healthy man’s activities. I make sure I eat healthily and get the proper nutrients required to keep myself fit and raring to go anytime.

4) Time Management – Yes, it is very important to manage one’s time properly and make sure you spend your time wisely. Since I am sorta a busy person, It is important for me to plan my day and make sure I follow everything accordingly. I like to be organized and prepared for anything at any time.

5) Have Fun – We are so busy and absorbed in our day to day activities that we might forget to have some time for ourselves or for our dear ones. I make sure that I take some time off during the day to have some fun with friends and family.

Well, here is my simple five-pointer list which sounds cool and makes me look like a man with a plan, but certainly it can be a challenge to follow all these on an everyday basis because of my work, meeting deadlines, extensive traveling, or just feeling lazy sometimes. It’s certainly hard to keep up with the practice at times, But I do relish the challenge of being able to follow my routine from the list. I feel the road to success begins with a few small steps and I see these small pointers help me in a big way to achieve bigger and keep going ahead.

To be associated with Cinthol’s blogging campaign once again feels awesome and I like to say again about how the brand has been successful in bringing out the best stories from me and all the other wonderful bloggers who have shared their fantastic challenges and experiences, which we might have not shared otherwise. I believe, the brand has deeply left a mark in us about Alive is Awesome philosophy and I will always cherish my moments shared with Cinthol. You gratifications rock too!!

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