Gopro Hero Evolution

I first heard about Gopro cameras when I started my photography journey back in 2007, also the time when I had got into surfing and was traveling, shooting the surf culture around India. At first, it seemed like a fairy tale and was hard to believe a camera so small would capture amazing POV of action sports and of extreme athletes. Around 2010 is when I got my hands on a Gopro Hero HD with a few surf accessories to document some videos & photos of surfing & other fun activities for my blog and our surf website. The first couple of editions of Hero HD & Hero 2 performed fairly good in optimum lightting conditions but sucked in low light and other challenging environments. But, Gopro cameras did show a lot of potential and changed the game of action photography, adventures and extreme sports. One could document and click their own pictures of action, adventure and fun activities with these versatile cameras which came with number of different mounts. Over the years, as GoPro cameras got better I started using them more often and almost made it part of my travel & adventure routine. Recently, I have joined the GoPro family as an influencer in India and look forward to producing a lot of unique content from our beautiful country.

Here is some of my own best work and adventures created with GoPro cameras 🙂

Sunset over Arabian Sea

An amazing sunset at the River mouth of Shyambhavi on the Arabian sea. Shot last year post monsoons.

Gopro Surfing

GoPro shot of a surfer carefully treading his line on a sizeable swell. Mulky, Mangaluru, Karnataka

The mighty sea and serene Shyambhavi

On one side is the mighty Arabian Sea and the other side is the serene River Shyambhavi. Shot on a tiny stretch of peninsula. Mulki, Mangaluru, Karnataka

Surfing Selfie

A surfing selfie at my home break. GoPro’s are great cameras to attach it to your equipments and get unique POV’s of your own action & adventure.

Under & overshot of my dive sail boat

An over & under shot of my dive boat “Boomerang” in Whitsunday Islands, Great Barrier Reef, Australia.  What I love about GoPro’s is the great number of third party accessories which makes it even more amazing. Used a KNEKT 6′ dome with a GPLT trigger to shoot this image.

Selfie at Fraser Island, Australia

Gopros with extension sticks can be great to get some unique perspectives of place, situation and people. Fraser Island, Queensland, Australia

Wakeboarding action shot

Wakeboarding action shot from the water by being dangerously close to the action. Shot with Gopro Hero 4 Black with KNEKT GPLT trigger which really made a difference.


I am a huge fan of Robbie Crawford’s ocean images and no wonder why he’s such an amazing ambassador for Gopro. His work has inspired me to get some shots of waves breaking on shore.

Stunningly busy and colorful market in Pondicherry

Stunningly beautiful and busy market at Pondicherry. One can see various colors and chaos of Indian markets.

Bike Selfie with Gopro

None of my adventures go without a Gopro attached somewhere. Here it’s attached to my wrist on a recent bike/surf/skate trip with Roark Revival. Biking selfie at 110 kms on East Coast Road from Pondicherry to Mahabalipuram.

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