Ever since I became a GoPro family member back in 2016, the one question I get asked a lot is how does one become a GoPro Family member and how did I become one?

Before I answer the above questions, let me tell you that I have been a huge admirer and fan of GoPro products much before I became a GoPro advocate. Coming from the surfing world, it was probably one of the coolest cameras or toys one could have, to capture our moments of action. I remember playing around with GoPro’s since Hero 2 days.

Now, coming back to the question of how I became a GoPro advocate? Back in 2016, I got this mail from one of the guys from GoPro asking me whether I was available to join a 3-day event in Mumbai, and he mentioned how he came across some of my GoPro content on Instagram and thus reached out to me. I had tons of GoPro content on my social media channels and website which may have caught their eye. That was the time when GoPro was officially launching their India specific social media channels to further establish themselves in a growing market like India by creating and promoting local content produced by local content creators from various fields ie. travel, sports, lifestyle, fitness, etc..


How does one become a GoPro Family Member? 

By now, it’s pretty clear that one can’t apply for it but rather you are chosen by them. This is true for most of the brands out there nowadays where they carefully chose, evaluate and engage with content creators. It’s definitely not about who has the most number of followers or engagement rather what kind of content one is creating, their niche, creativity and whether one fits into a brand seamlessly. Definitely having a huge social media following and engagement is an added bonus but not the only criteria. I remember I only had about roughly 7k followers on Instagram when GoPro reached out to me where as most other advocates had 10 times or more followers. What that tells is back then and even today, I am the only one who’s consistently creating and sharing surfing content in the entire country, which automatically put’s me in a very niche category of action, adventure and ocean lifestyle category irrespective of what my following is on social media and other parameters, if brands are looking for any content creators or influencers in that particular niche category, there is a good chance they are gonna pick me and that’s what exactly happened with GoPro.

At the same time, I would like to make a point that there are advocates from i.e travel, lifestyle, fashion, fitness  etc.. who are GoPro family members but I am no expert in analysing what could be the criterion for GoPro to chose advocates from these fields which are definitely crowded with ton of influencers. My guess would be that they may analyse one’s content and determine whether they fit in with the brand or not.

What are the perks of being a GoPro Family member? Are we paid?  

Honestly, there isn’t much difference between normal GoPro users and GoPro advocates. GoPro provides same equal opportunities to anyone and everyone to upload their content to GoPro Awards where you can get rewarded handsomely, get featured on their social media channels and even become a GoPro advocate if your content stands out. As a GoPro family member, we are expected to do the same. Capture and share!

Do we get paid? No!! But we do get a few GoPro’s, accessories, attain events, create and collaborate with GoPro team etc..  but for me personally the best thing about being a GoPro family member is the vibe, the philpsophy and people at GoPro who make, what it is, FUN!

So, if you are a GoPro enthusiast and aspire to be part of GoPro Family someday, then all you need to do is create content and share with GoPro via GoPro Awards. 

Hope this was a fun read! Feel free to leave your thoughts behind at the comment section. 

Fun Fact: I was supposed to sign up with another major camera company a couple of years ago but they asked me to drop GoPro and I had to back out of the deal. Now that’s my commitment towards GoPro 😉

Shot during the inaugural GoPro launch in India at Mumbai, 2016.


With Namrata Purohit and Edrin Edenholm during GoPro Hero 5 launch event in Goa.


The revamped GoPro family during the GoPro Hero 7 Black launch in 2018 at The Kikar Lodge, Punjab.


In my own backyard at Mantra Surf Club, the awesome GoPro Family and Mantra team during the launch of GoPro Hero 8 & GoPro Max.


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