With a blink of an eye 2013 went by and we are ready to embrace 2014 with redeemed hopes and aspirations, a year which should be quite monumental to country and it’s people. I saw a lot of people posting on social media on how 2013 was an awesome year for them. It seems everyone enjoyed quite a bit of success. I too had a remarkable year with plenty of travels, met many interesting people, captured amazing photographs, experienced adrenaline pumping adventures and spiritually I grew as a person too.
Amidst all these, learning new things was also a big part of 2013. I tried to grab every opportunity which came my way to learn new things, hone my skills and just try to give a better output in all the things I do in my life.

One thing I am really passionate about is surf photography and if you been following me on my social media platforms or blog, you know I keep sharing my surf images from time to time. 2013 was a year where I didn’t do surf photography as much as I would have liked to or in places I wanted to, yet I tried to sharpen my skills in shooting action in water, understanding equipment, environment and everything else I need to be doing as a surf photographer.

The results were very encouraging, in fact given the circumstances some of my surf images turned out to be better than I had expected in number of situations, but while going through the process I did realise my limitations and inexperience in many trying situations that I still need a hell lot of time, patience, skills, environment and better equipments to produce even more fantastic results.

Just like anyone out there, I am hoping that 2014 turns out even better than previous year and I am able to achieve more success in this world of photography and surfing. Wish me luck !

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