Oceans and mountains are where my heart truly lies and my adventures await to happen. Every opportunity I get to do something with these two forces is a soul-filling and adrenaline draining experience. Over the years, I have extensively shot ocean & surf to the best of my capabilities. But the fact is, there is so much more to explore and experiment in the ocean with your camera. Remember our planet is 70% water and remaining is everything else, making ocean the single biggest subject around us. 

I have religiously followed some of the best ocean photographers like Clark Little, Sean Scott, Ray Collins, Robbie Crawford and Russell Ord over the years. The kind of work they keep producing is mesmerizing and at the same time tells the other story of risking everything to get that one perfect shot amidst all the chaos and the vastness of the ocean. 

Shooting waves involve ocean knowledge. Being a confident surfer, and swimmer, and being totally happy getting smashed by waves is essential. Perseverance is key to good images, nothing is going to happen magically by itself. I need to care of myself and my equipment and only then I can focus on getting the perfect images. In the end, I am at the mercy of mother nature and there's not much I can do except pray and keep my eye out. 

An Intense Shore Break on a Cloudy Overcast Day

An Intense Shore-break on a Cloudy, Overcast Day.

Inside a Turbulent Wave

Imagine Being Inside a Washing Machine. 

A Mutant Wave in Motion

Not Every Wave is the Same, This One Appeared to be Like a Mutant One. 

Perfectly Peeling Shorebreak

A Perfectly Peeling Wave, Captured at the Right Moment.


On a Warm Sunny Day, a Gentle Shore Break. 

A Tumultuous Shorebreak

A Frothy Green Wave. 

Inside a Frothy Wave

Inside a Huge Frothy Wave. 


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