Discovery of Parota Point, RipCurl Search India

Like most successfull search stories, this search began with a rumour of far distant islands which possesed potential surf breaks which’s never been surfed before.
Over the years, Me and my partner had extensively researched various maps, swell forecasts & weather patterns to determine potential surf breaks. Fortunately, I stumbled upon Ted Grambeau in Australia, the legendary surf photographer & extreme location specialist who’s a veteran of many “Search Missions” around the world, who got RipCurl interested to lead the expedition in India under their revived program “The Search” last year. What followed a month later was the frantic arrangements of securing permits & logistics for places which didn’t exist on maps nor carried any names.

Luke Hynd tames Parota Bowl, RipCurl Search

Luke Hynd finds a snorter of a deep pit at newly discovered Parota Point, on a seacrh trip at far flung islands.

Dillon Perillo showing his rail game

Dillon Perillo, a descendant of Lannister clan (pun intended) carves his rail like a hot knife slicing through butter. A treat for the water photographers watching! Eye level shot from my Sony A6000 with Meikon housing.

Pat Curren boosts a massive air

Pat Curren, the prodigy of Tom Curren the legendary 3x world champion and a veteran of Search trips showed his impeccable style of all around surfing. Pat got the naming rights for this little wedgy left which he names after the famous and most delicious dish from Kerala, the Parota!

Dillon Perillo draws the line at Parota Point

Dillon Perillo on his second trip to India after nearly 5 years has found his new love for the culture and new experiences, The Search offers. Dillon busy finding his line in a relatievly empty line-up at Parota Point.

Curious locals follow Luke Hynd

Luke Hynd being followed by a bunch of local kids who were curious about everything, his hair, surfboard, shorts! Probably, they saw us as aliens who’s descended upon their islands with strange boards which rides the ocean.

The Search

Over the course of 20 days Dillon, Pat & Luke indulged in the spirit of RipCurl Search. Hours of extensive travel, foreign land with native speakers, unlimited spicy curries didn’t daunt their search for the perfect waves.

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