Discovery of Shipwreck

After an amazing discovery of unsurfed peaky left at a far away island and some fruitless search for potential waves across other islands, we finally arrived at another fairytale island with a shipwreck beckoning us to try it’s right-hander. At first it seemed sketchy, inconsistent and dangerous with submerged rusted metal scraps of shipwreck but after a thorough reconnaissance it was declared safe. With a good sizeable swell with open faces, surfers Dillon Perillo, Pat Curren and Luke Hynd unleashed hell with their power surfing. Next few days saw continuous assault of the shipwreck wave by these guys which was a treat for the lensmen. The shipwreck added a lot of color and character to the photos & videos. To make it this far, Me and my partner (Kishore) had worked relentlessly hard to secure a lot of permissions with the government, police and various island authorites. Infact, we had come in disguise as scientific researchers and not surfers.

For us, The Search trip wasn’t just about exploring the unknown surf or chasing swells in distant lands but the journey as surfers, blending in with the local culture, people and place. This trip certainly forged many bonds of friendships and etched some wonderful memories of surfing some of the best unknown surf locations in India.

Discovery of shipwreck right hander - RipCurl Search

Pat Curren was unstoppable throughout the entire course of the trip. He was always the first guy to paddle out and the last guy to come in. His enthusiasm for surfing any conditions was very well appreciated by the veterans.

Pat Curren draws his line against shipwreck backdrop

Pat Curren, carefully draws his line on a clean right hander against a very scenic shipwreck at the backdrop. He also had to make sure there were no menancing remains of the metal in the waters.

Luke Hynd's 12'o Clock Snap - RipCurl Search

Luke Hynd going vertical for the 12’o clock snap with the water photographer genius Dave Sparkes submerged behind nailing the shot.

Dillon Perillo speeding past

Virgin waves never surfed before is a rare commodity in the surfing world, And days like this restored our faith in our adventures to find some of the last unknown surf destinations. This is also one of my favorite images of Dillon Perillo showing his class.

Pat Curren boosting a massive air

Pat boosts a massive frontside aerial against the shipwreck background. I am not sure how much adrenaline was pumping through his veins for him to pull off some stunning stuff in the sketchy waters of the shipwreck.

Dillon Perillo busting his fins

Not often do you see someone destroy a wave like Dillon did on this right-hander. Being a regular footer, this was his way of showing who’s the boss amongst the rest. Dillon busting his fins on a scorcher of a wave.

Shipwreck rust pattern - Ripcurl search

The amount of rust on this massive shipwreck was mindblowing, eaten by the salt in air and water it’s fast deteriorating but adds immense colors and characterstics to the landscape.

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