A compilation of what I think is some of the best surf photos I shot over the course of 2014. It was rather a dull year for surf photography since I didn't get to shoot much except on a few good occassions. Hopefully, 2015 should be a lot more promising with some surf travels to happen with newly acquired equipment.

Covelong Point Classic Surf Contest

The annual Covelong Point Classic Surf Contest is turning out to be a game changer for Indian surfing scene. Plenty of good waves, vibe and music for surfers, spectators and music enthusiasts. Munna, the local kid shooting for a barrel.

Druva the surfer based out of Surf Retreat, Mulki

Early morning light is always the best to shoot some close-up portraits of surfers in action. 

Druva from Mantra Surf Club also known as Surfing Swamis.

Druva from Mantra Surf Club is seen taking off on a wave at his local break. Druva is certainly one of the most stylish Indian surfers who's seriosuly got some talent to prove on bigger stage. 

Surfer tucked under a barrel at Covelong Point Classic Surf Contest.

Probably, one of the most defining moments of surfing from 2014. Surya, the 16 year old surfer made it into the finals and was placed third at Covelong Point Classic Surf Contest "Men's Open Division" simply by playing a better strategy against his much tougher opponents. 

Happy young surfer smiling

Young Anil, who's just 8 years old has taken to water like a fish. He comes from a humble background with limited access to many basic life necessities. Since he started surfing, he's got good support from Mantra Surf Club and various kind hearted people to support his education and well-being.

An young boy paddles out for a surf session on a longboard

Just after post-monsoons the waters are sublimely glassy and scenic on the west coast of India. An young surfer is seen paddling out on a colorful longboard at River Shyambhavi, Mulki.

Surf action from Summer Swell Challenge, Pondicherry

Summer Swell Challenge is an annual surf event which takes place in Pondicherry. This right hander next to a pier is a mean hollow break ,which didn't live upto the expectations in 2014. And yet there were some scorching right handers on display. 

Precise shredding of a wave at Mahabs

Juan Reboul, one of the surfers from east coast (Pondicherry) ripping apart a wave at Mahabalipuram(Mahabs). Mahabs is certainly one of the most consistent and performance oriented surf break in the country. It's also the oldest and the most popular surf break in India for a long time. 

Father & son take on a surf adventure in India

Father & Son from Israel took on a surf adventure, traveling the length & breadth of India's coastline exploring vast stretches of beaches searching for perfection. 

One of the few Indian female surfers

Anisha, 13 years old and already quite a sensation in the Indian surfing scene. She's got all the talent and motivation to become one of the finest Indian female surfers. She's inspired to spread the stoke of surfing to many other Indian girls.

Walking on Water, Literally

One of my favorite images from 2014, this was shot with a Sony Xperia Z3 on assignment with National Geographic Traveller India. Although, the surfer is actually surfing a wave the image portrays like he's walking on water carefully asessing his steps carefully. 

Dramatic wipeout of a surfer

Wipeouts are as much part of surfing as any other surfing maneuvers. An image from Covelong Point Classic Surf Contest.  

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