Here are my Best Surf Photos of 2015!

This year has been very hard to pick my best 12 surf images. I have had an incredible year growing as a surf photographer, experimenting & capturing some stunning images of some amazing surf expeditions & travels. I used a vareity of equipments and upgraded myself to some high quality gear which definitely helped me to get better at my craft.

Dillon Perillo's Signature Carve - best surf photos

Dillon Perillo, one of RipCurl’s prized athlete & power surfer. It was a treat to watch him shred the waves on a RipCurl Search in India last year. The trip was one of the best surf trips I have ever done, I learnt a lot about surf photography & what it takes to push the limits in action genre to capture that picture perfect moment.

Luke Hynd Pulls a Massive Air

Luke Hynd hails from Burleigh’s, Gold Coast. He’s just 19 but has already travelled far & wide with some of the best RipCurl surfers like Mick Fanning & Co, soaking in the spirit of search.

Pat Curren, Surfing Shipwreck - best surf photos

Pat Curren, finds a fast right-hand point break against a massive shipwreck somewhere off a remote island. Pat Curren, is the prodigy of legendary Tom Curren who’s probably one of the greatest surfers of all time, 3x world champion and the earliest rider of RipCurl Search. Almost, all modern surfers have been influenced by Tom’s style & power surfing.

Luke Hynd's Rail Game

This is Luke busy with his spot on rail game which was a spectacle to watch. One of the best part of RipCurl Search trip was to spend a lot of time in water shooting a lot of action in challenging conditions. As, India’s first & only surf photographer; I have had it very difficult to understand various challenges of being a water photographer & many nuances of surf photography. On this trip, I was able to closely watch and interact with the legendary Ted Grambeau who’s been such an inspiration and modest being who shared his 3 decades of knowledge & experience. Dave Sparkes & Tom Jennings were other rad talented cameramen that it was an honour to see and learn.

Motion Blur of Pat Curren

There is something about motion blur! If you do get it right in a high action image, it kinda gives a feeling of a little pause and freezes time. I had been itching to get one for a longtime and Pat Curren gave me a perfect one. Thanks Pat ūüôā

Dillon Perillo's Backhand Surfing - best surf photos

A complete surfer is one who’s equally good at his backhand surfing and Dillon is one of them. His backhand tail-throws, snaps & carves was an exhibition of pure modern power surfing. Hope to see him surf his home break, Malibu Beach, California one day!

RipCurl Search India, Live the Search

The Search is the driving force that lead to the creation of Rip Curl, it lives in the spirit of everything RipCurl does. Pat & Luke in search of perfect waves somwhere in the tropics.

Dharani Surfer - Covelong Point, Chennai

When the waves get good at Covelong Point, it gets impossibly difficult to maintain position in water and take shots from close angles due to heavy currents & rip tide. This is Dharani, the champ; holding his line on a scorcher of a wave against beautiful backlit morning light.

Tipi Jabrik Claiming After a Mesmerizing Barrel

Tipi Jabrik, claiming after a mesmerising barrel ride in the semi-finals of Asian Surfing Championships. For the first time ever, India hosted an official ASC contest, which saw some of the best Asian surfers battle it out in one of the best right handers in the country.

Surfer Silhouette

Although, I have been shooting surf for about 8 years now; I haven’t honestly shot much action¬†silhouettes all these years. I was able to experiment and shoot a few set of nice silhouettes against some stunning background lighting in 2015, adding a few¬†silhouette¬†images to my portfolio.

Surfing Golden Light

Even an ordinary day with small waves can become magical & absoultely stunning with the right surfer and in perfect light conditions. Here is Dhruva, sliding past at my home break in Mulki.

Silhouette Lifestyle Surfer

Lifestyle shots are as much intriguing as surf action sometimes. My buddy Kishore toying around with his surfboard in the evening light.


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