Here are the things I have learned in 30 years

Life Begins at 30

Yes! Most of your early twenties are a wild run and you do tons of mistakes. Life kinda begins at the end of your comfort zone.

Success, Fame, and Fortune is just an Illusion.

Irrespective of how successful you are, the fame you achieve and fortune you gather… there is always someone who’s more successful, more famous and probably wealthier. There is more to life than mundane feats.

Keep learning new things, that’s how you evolve. 

Evolution of humans comes through knowledge and learning process. To be a better version of ourselves every day we have to make a habit of learning something new every day.

Break the stereotypes

We need to keep simply breaking the barriers and set ourselves as strong capable individuals rather than getting stuck into a mold or society’s needs.

Find the purpose of life

This means many different things to many but there is definitely a purpose in all our lives. Find your calling!

Don’t be afraid to say NO!

Sometimes saying “Yes” to everything and everybody starts hurting you more. It can unnecessarily put you in odd and unpleasant situations. Do what you are comfortable and say yes

Real education isn’t just limited to classroom walls.

One of the biggest revelations of my life. Schools and universities provide education to get you a job but real education teaches you life skills, ability to adapt and face any situation in life.

Go seek your adventure! 

I am not saying go jump from a plane but pursuing your passion to the fullest, exploring this world and being open-minded is a great way to find your adventure.

Find a job you love, make it your career. 

We all have certain aspirations when it comes to our careers and finding a dream job. Do your best to see what you love or passionate about and try pursuing it and it with hard work you will be successful.

Money is important but not everything

I can’t stress enough how important it is to have financial stability and a certain assurance in regard to how much you earn but life isn’t all about building a hefty bank balance either.

Family comes first, but stay detached. 

Neither should you become an irresponsible person nor overprotective towards your loved ones. Everyone has their own life to lead and are responsible for their actions.

Pursue a Hobby. 

Picking up a hobby along the way is a great way to de-stress and take your mind off everyday affairs. Learn an instrument to play, read, write, cook or dance.

Either Live by the Ocean or Mountain

Probably one of the difficult things to do if you are stuck in an urban city far away from Ocean or mountain but keep it as an aspiration in your life.

Learn to Surf, You Will Thank Me Later! 

Surfing is the most beautiful thing you can ever learn and there is nothing which comes close to the feeling of catching your first wave. Your fitness, self-confidence, respect for mother nature will reach a whole new another level.

Lead a Sustainable Life and Don’t be a consumer

We are all caught up in a fast-paced life, driven by the idea of constant consumption of newer and better things. We are ready to work harder than most just to afford the newest car, the latest fashion and an expensive dinner out. Rather we should be focusing on reducing the clutter in our life and the harsh impact we are having on our planet.

Never forget your roots

Success takes us to places which we could have never imagined in our lives earlier but it’s meaningless if you forget where you came from, it’s people and the place because, in some way or the other, it’s helped you to get where you are today.

Nothing wrong in failing. 

There is absolutely nothing in wrong in failing at things you do as long as you gave your 100%. As the saying goes, Failure is the stepping stone for success even at the age of 80.

Change is the only Constant

Just like seasons, everything keeps changing in this world. Nothing is forever and permanent. Your family, friends, jobs, well being and aspirations all go through a definite change and you should learn to adapt.

Develop Compassion

All of us are born with the potential to be compassionate when we wish good for others (including animals) to be free of suffering and pain, we develop that capacity to bring immense benefit to ourselves and others.

Don’t Neglect your Health nor Pamper. 

In the process of achieving our goals and ambitions, we forget to take care of ourselves both physically and mentally from time to time. We actually end up abusing our bodies and later suffer immensely. At the same time, we also need to be conscious of how we shouldn’t overdo it simply because we aren’t going to remain forever young and free of death.

True Friends are Hard to Come by, Keep them Close

Honestly, true friends are like rare gems which are difficult to find but once you do, you should treasure them for your lives.

Stand Up and Fight

Courage is an important quality to have, a difference of opinion is important. If you fell yesterday, stand up today. Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak for what you believe in.

Never Stop Being Curious

We keep moving forward, opening new doors and doing new things because we are curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths. The important thing is not to stop questioning.

Love & Relationships happen at the right time. 

There is never a perfect or ideal time for making friends or initiating relationships, everything happens at the right time as when the universe decides to conspire.

Time is Money

I am a huge believer of not wasting time. Time makes money, time is greater than money. When you waste time, you are wasting money or potential of making money. Your success and well being depend on how you utilize your valuable time.

Do What Scares You.

“Do one thing that scares you, and keep doing it” has been my Mantra! You don’t have to do it every day but doing something which scares you often makes you overcome that one thing “Fear”.

We are Not Perfect. 

Can’t stress enough! We are by no means perfect nor do we have to pretend to be. We make mistakes, we learn from it and try to be a better version of ourselves every day.

Die to Live 

We are so tiny and irrelevant in this cosmos yet we have an ego the size of this universe. Kill your ego and you will live eternally.

Food is Thy Medicine 

The first wealth is health and a good healthy diet helps you achieve it. Most of us have no idea about good diet anymore, we need to realize that food can be your medicine or poison to the body.

Prefer Short Term Goals 

I am not a big believer of long-term goals or ambitions because everything keeps changing around us including yourself.
What I am comfortable is to have realistic, short-term goals and stitching them together to achieve something in the long run.

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