Best Right Hand Point Break India

View from Surf Turf

Arun Vasu Surfing

Jonty Rhodes at Covelong Point

Covelong Surfers

Top Surfer Sekar Contesting

Best Junior Surfer Ramesh

Bazile Pinel Throwing Buckets

Backhand Surfer

Surfing in Chennai

Sri Lankan Surfer Praneeth Sadurwan

Massive Air by Aussie Surfer

Prize Distribution Ceremony

Covelong Surf Festival Organisers

After the huge success of the second edition of Indian Open of Surfing 2017, all eyes were on the fifth edition of Covelong Surf & Music Festival which gets held every year around the month of August. Surfing Federation of India has been associated with the event since it's inaugural edition which primarily has taken care of organizing the surfing part. 

This year's Covelong Surf Festival was probably one of the best-organized events, the festival has only grown bigger every year with more number of participants and public taking part. The festival has also a huge platform for Yoga workshops, flea market style setups and food stalls spread across the event over the course of 3 days. 

I remember how much we struggled during the first edition of Covelong Surf Festival back in 2013 convincing local villagers, lack of accommodation, infrastructure facilities but now surfing has brought in a tremendous change in the village economically, socially and culturally which has benefited the village immensely. 

Check out Festival Highlight Video and for further details visit Covelong Point website. 


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